Sue Lewin

Location, Inspiration and Exhibitions
Sue Lewin’s inspiration comes from an interest in geology and a love of nature and travel. Being a native to Lyme Regis whose family’s history dates back to her great grandparents, she has a real understanding of weather change and weather pattern. The drama of storm features regularly in her work, reflecting patterns of fleeting light movements; it has drama coupled with a soft intensity. This can also be seen by her curious figures of either solitary walkers or group figures that meander like clouds along the beachscape. You want to know what these people are doing so you enquire deeper into her pictures.

Sue’s interpretation of this ammonite laden Dorset coast gives us more than the naturalistic form of landscape; she fills us with a sense of space and time that falls into you, much like her endless eroding cliffs.

Sue is an extensive traveller with a particular love for the Greek islands. Her second home in Turkey keeps her busy with searching for out new unspoilt vistas and shorelines. We in turn are reminded of the all-enveloping light and atmosphere.

Sue has chosen to work in mixed media and acrylics, sometimes stirring in a touch of natural pigment of red sand stone or blue lias from the Jurassic cliffs into her paint.


Sue has sold extensively in the U.K and has sold to clients in America, Canada and Turkey.

Recent exhibitions

“Coastal Fusion” Courtyard Gallery, Town Mill, Lyme Regis 2015
“Perspectives” Courtyard Gallery, Town Mill, Lyme Regis 2016
“Walk of Art” Courtyard Gallery, Town Mill, Lyme Regis 2017
30 March – 11 April, 2018 Courtyard gallery Town Mill Lyme Regis 2018

Next exhibition

29th July- 4th August. Malt house gallery Town mill Lyme Regis.

Sue’s artwork also available year round from Grandpas gallery in Seaton

Sue Lewin Exhibiting at the Town Mill Art Gallery in Lyme Regis Dorset
Sue Lewin Exhibiting at the Town Mill Art Gallery in Lyme Regis Dorset